Dietmar Hamann says that everything Arsène Wenger built in 20 years has been destroyed in the last three or four seasons by his decision to stay at the helm.

Speaking to German website Sport Buzzer, Hamann was very critical of Wenger, Arsenal and Mesut Özil. He told the website: “Arsenal have been in a downward spiral for the past couple of years. In spite of excellent individuals, there is no longer a team on the pitch.

“You can lose games, but you simply can not concede ten goals – even against Bayern in the Champions League. Things aren’t working for them left, right and centre. Wenger has decided to hand himself a new deal. He’s all-powerful but in three or four years he has destroyed everything he had built in the 20 years before.”

Then speaking about Özil’s contract situation, Hamann said: “Twelve months ago he made his future with Arsenal dependent on Wenger’s stay. That was nonsense, it does not work this way when there is much disquiet at the club. No matter who you are! Ozil is an employee of Arsenal – not Arsène Wenger.”

Wenger and Arsenal have won three FA Cups in the last four years, which doesn’t sound like a legacy being destroyed, but the league form has started to go downhill. Starting the season with two losses from their first four games is guaranteed to draw criticism.

The manner of the loss against Liverpool at Anfield was especially damning for the club and the players whose commitment levels were already being questioned. Hopefully it was just a result of the transfer window still being open and all the players being unsure about their own futures.

Now that the window is closed and the players are set to be here for the season, or at least the next few months, they may as well give their best. And with any luck, we’ll see more performances like the one against Bournemouth.

The test for Arsenal always comes in the big away games, and the Gunners have one of these at the weekend, a trip to Stamford Bridge to face Premier League defending champions Chelsea.