Ivan Gazidis allegedly takes home £2,608,000-per-year, which is more than Chelsea and Liverpool’s chief executive’s earn combined.

Gazidis earns the fourth highest wages in the Premier League, claims the Daily Mail: £2,608,000-per-year. This puts him behind Daniel Levy for Spurs (£2.8m), Ed Woodward at United (£2.96m), and Ferran Soriano at Manchester City (£4.4m).

Considering his job is to orchestrate recruitment of top talent, Arsenal fans are right to feel slightly confused over how he earns so much.

At least Spurs finished second last season so can’t argue too much about Levy’s salary at the moment; the Gunners have been on the decline for a while. So, what does he really do to warrant this amount of money?

Interestingly, despite its reputation as being a big money club, Chelsea’s chief reportedly only earns £223,000-a-year, which is the 16th highest chief executive wage in the Premier League, and around the same as some of the players.

Only Leicester, Newcastle, Huddersfield and Burnley’s earn less.

Meanwhile, Liverpool chief, Ian Ayre, earns £1,210,000.

Therefore, Chelsea and Liverpool’s chiefs’ combined total wages are still less than Gazidis’s.

Arsene Wenger is allegedly also the second highest paid manager in the Premiership (160k-per-week) behind Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho who both reportedly earn £388k-per-week. So it doesn’t look as if Arsenal are that good with distributing their funds…