16-year-old Jake Peachey has been banned from attending football matches in Malta and mocked for being an Arsenal fan after invading the pitch during England’s recent win.

During England’s 4-0 2018 World Cup qualifier win against Malta, Peachey tweeted that if he got 400 retweets, he would run onto the pitch. He did, so he did.


As a result, a Maltese judge banned the teenager, who was escorted off the pitch by security, from attending sport in their country for a year, he got slapped with a €200 fine and spent a night in police custody.


According to the Independent, he could also face a travel ban from authorities in the UK.

Just to rub salt in the wound, the young Gooner was also mocked for his affiliation with Arsenal.

“You always come close but never win anything!” Judge Elliott Magro allegedly said.

While it does seem like a harsh sentence given that Peachey is only 16 and all he did was run onto the pitch, there are obvious security implications and we don’t know the lad’s history.

Malta are clearly very against pitch invasions and if a night in a cell doesn’t put you off, that €200 fine will.

Not that it put Peachey off…


The lad’s turned into a minor celebrity overnight.