David Seaman wanted Arsenal to swap Alexis Sanchez for Yaya Toure instead of Raheem Sterling.

A big deal was made over Arsenal potentially receiving a Manchester City player in exchange for Alexis Sanchez.

Raheem Sterling was the one we apparently wanted, so that we would have a ready-made replacement.

However, David Seaman believes that Arsenal don’t need players like Sterling, and need strong, dominant midfield players instead. Someone like Yaya Toure.

Speaking about Riyad Mahrez, who’s also been linked with Arsenal, Seaman told talkSPORT: “He would be a good signing but, for me, do they need that sort of player?

“Obviously if the Ox and Sanchez go, then they do.

“But I still feel they need a strong centre-half and a really strong dominating midfield player.

“I heard the speculation about a swap deal for Sterling, but I would have rather taken a swap deal for Yaya Toure.”

If this was 2014, you would absolutely want Yaya Toure.

It is, though 2017, and the Ivorian is now 34 years old and nowhere near as dynamic as he used to be. Nor is he the Patrick Vieira type midfielder everyone craves, what with him being infamous for being lazy defensively. Add to that his huge wages and you can see why Arsenal weren’t interested in him.

Arsenal do need a good defensive midfielder, but would probably be better of signing someone much younger and more athletic on a more reasonable salary.

Ultimately, the point is moot anyway as Arsenal didn’t receive a player in exchange for Alexis as City didn’t want to let anyone go.