Arsenal make the top ten of clubs in Europe in terms of transfer profit for the summer window, according to a report by CIES Football Observatory.

The results of the report are detailed in an article by the Express, who reveal that Arsenal are joint ninth on the list with a profit of £24m, after the club failed to make any signings in the last month and a half of the window whilst selling multiple players.

Top of the list should be no surprise for anyone following the transfer dealings this window, as Monaco sold most of their star players from 2016/17 (except Thomas Lemar, of course). Monaco have reportedly made a profit more than ten times larger than Arsenal’s, at £265m.

In fact, the top four clubs are all major teams in Europe, with Borussia Dortmund, Lyon and Real Madrid all coming in behind Monaco. This is perhaps expected, since the big clubs are more likely to have players for whom other teams would happily pay large amounts.

However, whilst the likes of Real Madrid have a title-winning, Champions of Europe group of superstars, Arsenal have the team that missed out on Champions League qualification and unexpectedly won the FA Cup.

Arsenal needed the investment more than many on the list, and for whatever reason they didn’t get it.