Eagle-eyed Arsenal fans spotted what appeared to be a bad Welbeck miss as he followed up on Lacazette’s goal against Bournemouth on Saturday.

Welbeck had a very good game. He scored two, assisted one, almost finished a powerful run with a chip that went just wide, and his closing down of Bournemouth’s defence almost lead to a goal when he challenged Asmir Begovic in goal.

In the end, Lacazette was only denied a goal from Welbeck’s hard work because the ball burst before it got to him. However, when Lacazette did score, a couple of fans noticed Danny wasn’t quite so clinical as he ran in to follow up:

I might be an overly optimistic, biased Arsenal fan in thinking Welbeck may have been booting it into the crowd to stop Bournemouth getting the game underway quickly. Still, it doesn’t look good when your striker runs up to the ball a yard from goal and batters it wide (plus we all know he was trying to slam it into the back of the net).

It also wouldn’t be particularly surprising if he did miss it. As good as his second goal was against Bournemouth, the first wasn’t a clean connection at all, and Welbeck’s scuffed assists have become an ongoing joke among fans.

As long as he’s scoring the chances that actually count, I’m not going to worry too much either way.

Still, it’s pretty funny…

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