Arsenal are the most searched-for London team, according to the latest research from Google.

New research has revealed Arsenal are the most popular team in London. Popularity, in this instance, is defined as the number of times someone has searched for the club according to Google Analytics.

It’s that data that informed the Croydon Advertiser that the Gunners are the most searched-for team out of all the London clubs over the past year – 60% of the locations listed by Google.

This could mean Arsene Wenger’s side have a very large fanbase all looking for information, or it could be a result of voracious media coverage putting Arsenal at the centre of one problem or another.

One wonders how many of those internet searches also included the words “transfers” “Wenger out”, “Kroenke out” and “shambles”. The data also shows that other London clubs have strongholds in areas close to their location, which is hardly surprising.

For example, the South West of London supports Chelsea, West Ham dominate Essex and Tottenham have the area north of the M25, says the report.