Alexis Sanchez is a great player, of that there is no doubt.

As a person? I’m less convinced.

He’s a manchild, a spoilt baby. He’s the opposite of a team player and a bad loser rather than a winner as is so often professed.

This morning, as I tweeted this, Anita replied, ‘wow, you’ve really turned on him.’

I have, but it has been a slow process.

I’ve always had issues with his selfishness on the pitch, but I really started to turn after his first public strop. It didn’t ‘show that he cares’ as many claimed, it showed an immature person who is not capable of controlling his emotions* and doesn’t realise he is only one cog in a 25-man squad. He might be the largest, most important cog, but he is still a cog that is useless without the others.  Even with him, Arsenal’s odds tumbled at bookmakers like this site to reclaim a top-four place.

Alexis Sanchez ran around telling people that he was off to Manchester City. His Chile teammates APPLAUDED THE NEWS. This man does not want to be at Arsenal, and his friends are cheering at the thought of him moving as if he’s in some sort of footballing kidnap victim.

Some fans will rally around him, try to show him how loved he is by the fanbase. But I won’t. I’ll save my affection for players who actually want to be at the club and who know how to be part of a team, even if most of them are rubbish in comparison.

Of course, I’ll still cheer his goals, they will be Arsenal goals after all. But any affection I had for him has gone, snuffed out by this window and his desire to leave.

Arsenal are a total shambles at the minute, but they are my shambles. Alexis and Manchester City had four months to sort out a deal but they left it until the last day because they wanted to leave Arsenal with no time to get in a replacement.

This isn’t to absolve Arsenal of any blame, there is plenty of that at their feet, but let’s not allow the arrogant City narrative, that Arsenal were responsible for it all collapsing, to take hold.

City knew exactly what they were doing. They tried to take Arsenal’s best player and leave them in a position where they couldn’t replace him. If they truly did want him all summer, and he wanted them, there can be absolutely no other explanation for such a late bid.

They wanted to f**k Arsenal and they have. If they’d put in a serious offer early in the window, Arsenal would have sold and had time to replace. Now, Arsenal are stuck with a player who wanted to be elsewhere and who goes for free to City next summer.

What is there to love about any of that?

*Takes one to know one