The BBC’s David Ornstein has said that Alexis Sanchez told the people closest to him that he was off to Manchester City.

Normally held as the most reliable source for Arsenal fans when it comes to transfer rumours because he doesn’t engage in much speculation, Ornstein’s comments were reported on the BBC site.


The lateness of Manchester City’s bid combined with the France game tonight meant that Arsenal did not have the time to complete any deal with Thomas Lemar.

That is one story, at least.

Another is that Lemar said ‘no’, not wanting to join a Europa League side, however that ignores the fact that all summer it was reported that Lemar wanted to work with Arsene Wenger. As far as I’m aware, we’ve been a Europa League side during that time, too.

What it all means is that Alexis is staying, he will leave for City next summer on a free, and Arsenal will have neither money nor a replacement.