Arsenal legend Ian Wright has said his Tottenham and Chelsea-supporting friends are taking pity on him.

Wright, who was speaking to BBC Radio 5Live via the Express, lamented the current state of the club and claimed it was so bad that his Tottenham and Chelsea supporting friends were starting to feel sorry for him.

“My mates, Chelsea, Tottenham, Man United [supporters], they feel sorry for me man. And they are genuinely, it’s not like they are saying ‘you know, it’s a great club, it’ll come back’,” he said.

“They genuinely feel sorry for me because we do not look, when you go through that list of everything, that is going wrong, and you’ve got to throw in recruitment in there.

“Whoever’s doing recruitment, someone has got to have a massive word. It’s an absolute shambles and I’m really gutted for everybody involved.”

Once upon a time, Arsenal used to be the undisputed best team in London. Spurs and Chelsea were filmy in their shadows, always below them in the table and never far from a collapse.

Nowadays, it’s completely the opposite. Arsenal look far from their rivals and have a plethora of problems to sort. The defeat at Liverpool alone would have made Arsenal a laughing stock. It sums up the current state of the club and all the problems that come with it.

It wouldn’t be quite so bad if Arsenal could bounce back straight away. However, there’s the small matter of the transfer window still to negotiate, and right now it’s just one embarrassment after another.

Oxlade-Chamberlain could soon be a Chelsea player. Shkodran Mustafi could soon be gone. Thomas Lemar, who Arsenal have been chasing for months, could end up at Liverpool. Alexis Sanchez could be leaving as well.

Things could get a whole lot worse before it gets better.