Ray Parlour believes that Arsenal have no chance of winning the Premier League this season.

Back-to-back defeats to Stoke and Liverpool have destroyed any hope people had of Arsenal challenging for the league title this season. Even Ray Parlour, one of the kinder pundits about, doesn’t think the Gunners have a chance.

“Everyone is hoping they will win trophies,” Parlour told talkSPORT. “They won the FA Cup, but that’s not the big prize now. It’s got to be the Premier League for Arsenal, but they’ve got no chance of winning it this year.

“I think they’ve got to get better players. You look at Manchester City and Manchester United and Chelsea, how many Arsenal players would get in those teams? Probably one – Alexis Sanchez.

“Not many would get into Tottenham’s team. You could argue that Arsenal never had a chance to begin with.

Not enough changed over the summer to turn Arsenal into title contenders. If the new signings offered any hope, the defeat and performance at Liverpool brutally crushed it.

Several people thought that this would be the case. However, pre-season optimism meant that predictions of a bad season were never taken seriously, let alone after beating Chelsea in the Community Shield.

Frankly, given everything that’s happening at the club currently, getting into the top four again might prove to be beyond Arsenal as well. Logically, with so much of the season still to be played, it should be too early to make any predictions.

A lot can happen between now and May. Arsenal, though, have consistency in all the wrong places. It’d take something remarkable to come out of this situation and be anywhere near the top of the table.