Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was reportedly furious after the Liverpool game on Sunday and let his feelings be known in the dressing room.

Wenger was apparently so furious that he questioned the commitment of every player in the Arsenal squad and will now sell anyone who doesn’t share the same passion as he does.

That’s according to the Mirror, who details a meeting Wenger had with his staff following the defeat. They say that Wenger was “very heated” during the meeting. It feels like we’ve been here before.

You often see reports like this come out after big defeats. Fans want accountability and stories like this give the impression that heads will roll, when in reality little will actually change.

Questioning the commitment of his players is a new one, though, and would be a very thin line for Wenger to tread. He was the one who started Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexis Sanchez when they clearly weren’t committed.

He must be aware that this sort of attitude can damage team morale. Outing every player who is not committed would be treating the symptoms of a much deeper issue.  Still, selling off the players who obviously don’t want to play for Arsenal is a good start.

If only this happened before the season began and not after three games.