Tony Gale feels that Arsenal must bring in a replacement for Alexis Sanchez before he’s sold to Manchester City on deadline day.

The Sky pundit has suggested that if Arsenal are selling Alexis, they need to have a replacement in before the sale is confirmed. “It’s very strange with Arsenal because you would think they would have someone in mind,” he said, reports the Express.

“You would think they would have a go-to player and had that player lined up as well. Have this deal lined up, £50million or whatever it is for Alexis Sanchez, and get one ready to come in. 

“But I’m not sure with Arsenal at the moment, because all the unrest with Arsene Wenger in the season before, he didn’t know if he was signing his contract, Arsenal didn’t know whether they were going to keep him on. 

“I think what that’s done has put all the recruitment in a position of ‘what do we need? When do we need them?’. I think Arsenal are very underprepared this season.”

Bringing in a replacement before the sale is made would be the sensible move, but Arsenal just aren’t a very sensible club at the moment.

Arsenal played tough on Alexis all summer, but have softened their stance once the season began. With only two days of the window to go, they’re left scrambling around for any possible replacement for him.

Asking for either Raheem Sterling or Sergio Aguero in exchange comes off as a bit desperate in the circumstances and shows how weak the Gunners’ position is at the moment.

Wenger said repeatedly that the decision had been made to keep the 28-year-old at the club, but it feels like there was no contingency plan if the situation changed. A lot can still happen between now and Thursday’s deadline.

Alexis could end up staying at the club in the end, which would spare Arsenal’s blushes, if only slightly, given his reported desire to play under Pep Guardiola again.