Arsene Wenger’s main piece of advice for young players is to not become obsessed by money.

As Arsenal’s manager through a tight financial era, Wenger knows all too well what happens when good players become obsessed with money and his main piece of advice on the matter is simply: don’t.

“Money is the consequence of the quality of your performances – or at least it should be,” the boss told
“I try to get the players to get their priorities right. Don’t be obsessed by money. Focus on the quality of your performance. If the quality of your performance is great, we live in a privileged sport where we have a lot of money, and I don’t know anybody who performs well who is not what we call rich. So I think they have the luxury to focus on the quality of their performance. Intelligence in life is to focus on what’s important.”

Players such as Samir Nasri, Emmanuel Adebayor and Ashley Cole all headed out the door in search of a higher wages.

While Cole went on to win the Champions League with Chelsea, which was probably just a happy consequence of getting more cash because he left the club he supported as a child, most quitters haven’t fared too well after they’ve gone.

samir nasri arsene wenger
Arsenal’s French player Samir Nasri (L) is congratulated by Coach Arsene Wenger (R) after he scored the second goal against Manchester United during the Premiership match at The Emirates Stadium in London on November 8, 2008. Nasri scored both Arsenal goals to win the game 2-1. (ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Just look at Nasri. The midfielder struggled to start in the Manchester City first team, ended up quitting international football with France because no one was keeping his ever-expanding ego in check, and has now signed for Turkish side, Antalyaspor.

He got too big for his boots and cut Arsenal loose before he’d properly had a chance to hone his skills and now look where he is.

As Wenger says, young players should concentrate on the quality of their performances instead of striving to become rich. Why become the richest when you can become the best and the money will follow?