Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere was sent off in last night’s U23 clash against Manchester City, which the young Gunners won 4-3.

The midfielder played against the Manchester City U23s to gain more match fitness, and by all accounts was having a fine game until a late tackle in the second half, reports the Daily Mail.

City’s Matthew Smith clattered into the back of Wilshere long after the ball was played, and the Arsenal playmaker, no stranger to receiving bad challenges, took exception to it.

He shoved Smith to the ground, which the City youngster milked for all its worth by holding his face. The referee then produced the red card for Wilshere.

While being sent off in an U23 game looks bad, many Arsenal fans took the positives from it. They felt it was nice to see the fire back in Wilshere and that he was right to be angry about an unnecessary late challenge.

The midfielder hoped for an easy run out without much danger of injury. The last thing a recovering player would want is some kid ploughing into the back of you because he couldn’t get anywhere near the ball.

The suspension does not carry over into the first-team, which means Wilshere will be free to play in Arsenal’s upcoming cup games.