Southampton defender Virgil van Dijk has changed his agent in an attempt to force a move, according to reports.

The Dutch defender is desperate to leave Southampton but despite a complete break down in their relationship, Southampton are adamant about not selling.

According to the Irish Independent, this has led to van Dijk changing agents again in the hopes that it could force a move by Thursday’s deadline.

The Independent’s report describes what seems to be an ugly situation.

The six-year contract van Dijk signed last season apparently contained a clause that said that the defender would not move clubs for at least two more seasons.

Van Dijk is now trying to break the terms of that contract to get a move to either Liverpool or Chelsea.

Arsenal have been linked with him as well and with some strange decisions being made over their centre backs recently, many feel they need to sign him.

If they are interested, they may have to wait until January at the earliest if Southampton stick to their word.

Who knows what the state of our defence will be by then.