Former Hednesford Town manager Liam McDonald has talked about how he helped left-back Cohen Bramall get his shock move to Arsenal.

Bramall, currently on loan at Birmingham, moved to Arsenal in January from Hednesford Town and gave credit to McDonald for his help in making that happen.

Now McDonald himself has told the Birmingham Mail how happy he is for the full-back, and that he is glad to have played a part in the move, saying: “I’m absolutely chuffed for Cohen. To have helped with his development, and then to see him join Arsenal makes me so proud.

“I would like to think I have played a part in helping him get this chance. I had belief in him and I think that gave him belief.”

Although McDonald had a lot of belief that Cohen was meant for something bigger than Non-League football, the aim the former Hednesford Town boss had was simply to get him into the Football League, so the move to the Premier League was a bonus.

“I sat him down, with his parents, and set out our plans to help him become a Football League player. He’s surpassed that to join a Premier League club and I really think he can have the same sort of impact as Jamie Vardy.” he added.

The 21-year-old now has the chance to prove himself against Championship opposition. In fact, he made his debut on Tuesday against Premier League side Bournemouth and impressed up until he picked up a knock and was subbed off late on.

The player is unlikely to be fazed by much at this point, after making the move to train alongside superstars like Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez, given Bramall faced sides like Bayern Munich and Chelsea in pre-season in front of thousands of fans.

With any luck, this loan move will give him the chance to make the next step towards eventually starting for Arsenal.