Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke and manager Arsène Wenger aren’t the most popular at the club with supporters and pundits, and comments on social media have summed up the mood.

Arsenal fans were understandably not happy at all with the result or the performance against Liverpool on Sunday.

Many were quick to weigh in on what they think the problem is, with much of the blame directed at manager Arsène Wenger and owner Stan Kroenke for standing by as things got worse.

The Times’ Henry Winter suggested that pointing the finger at players that want to go is ignoring the real issue.

Meanwhile Matt Scott of talkSPORT pointed out that the club haven’t put together a proper title challenge since Kroenke joined the Gunners, an opinion I believe the majority of supporters will share.

Warren Haughton of The Sun claims that others in the Arsenal hierarchy, such as Ivan Gazidis, wanted Wenger to leave in the summer, but Kroenke had other ideas.

Meanwhile the fans have had enough of the whole situation, demanding that both Wenger and Kroenke leave the club.

Although we’re only three matches into the season, the fan unrest already seems to have reached the same levels as it did last season.

Wenger and the higher ups now have a job on their hands to resolve the situation and win supporters back over before things get even worse.