David Seaman has decided to come out and be the voice of reason during this whole Alexis Sanchez mess.

The Arsenal legend has pointed out, just as many of us know deep down, that there’s stuff going on behind the scenes in regards to Alexis and his contract that none of us know about.

“I hope Alexis Sanchez will stay at Arsenal because I don’t want to see players of that quality leaving the club,” the ex-goalkeeper, Seaman, said.

“They are the type of players you’re willing to play a load of money for to bring in.

“You don’t want to be letting them go but the situation with his contract, the club have a decision to make.

“Do they take the money for him or do they make him play the last year of his contract and lose the money?

“You ain’t going to replace him with better. It’s a difficult decision but I’m sure there’s stuff going on that we don’t really know about.

“I’m sure he would have been offered a contract last year. I just want him to stay because he’s a quality player.”

The media has concocted a story in which Alexis hates Arsenal, and Arsene Wenger, along with his evil cronies, are holding him hostage at London Colney. In fact, the only place he’s allowed to go besides the training ground is the Emirates, a stadium he despises so much he has to look perpetually annoyed to be there, and Paris… apparently.

However, the boss claims the forward is focused in training and was happy after Arsenal’s 4-3 win over Leicester on Friday night.

Alexis and his girlfriend Mayte Rodriguez attended Arsenal’s 4-3 win over Leicester on Friday night.

While Wenger saying that he’s not optimistic over the 28-year-old, who has under a year on his current contract, penning a new deal, does indicate that not everything is sunshine and rainbows behind the scenes, I highly doubt that it’s as toxic as the media’s making out.

I’m also glad that Seaman has pointed out that the Gunners probably did offer the Chilean a contract extension that year, as most people seem to think that the club has just been sitting there scratching themselves, waiting for Alexis to get down to his final year because apparently we seem to like the thrill.

Alexis has been linked with Manchester City and PSG, and was apparently in France’s capital over the weekend. However, given the other players appear to also have been given the weekend off, this is only slightly worrying.

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