Former jockey AP McCoy heavily criticised Arsenal during their defeat to Liverpool.

McCoy joined the chorus of supporters who were rightfully unhappy with the players yesterday.

During the game, Gary Neville, on colour commentary, spent more time laying into the Arsenal players than analysing the game. He called several players “pathetic”, and said the Gunners deserved a battering when Liverpool went 2-0 up before half-time.

Few would have disagreed with him. Whatever the reason, be it transfer issues or personal issues, there’s no doubt a good number of players starting yesterday did not give a damn.

Worryingly, Arsenal looked like a team of individuals and nobody wanted to step up and take responsibility. It’s the only explanation for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain not defending, or Aaron Ramsey going for a walk in midfield and so on.

The players have often escaped heavy criticism due to Wenger attracting most of it. That hasn’t changed a great deal, but most people now accept that the manager has faults.

In recent times, fans are starting to get on the back of the players as well, and performances like yesterday wouldn’t have helped their case. Arsenal have just three points from as many games in the Premier League this season, currently sitting 16th in the division.