Petr Cech, like most people watching Arsenal’s attempt at playing Liverpool on Sunday, was more disappointed with the manner in which the Gunners lost than the 4-0 loss itself.

Cech was quick to condemn Arsenal’s performance during their 4-0 loss against Liverpool on Sunday post-match, pointing out that the way in which the Gunners lost was unacceptable from a club of their stature.

“It was quite simply unacceptable for the size of the club we are and for the team we have,” the ex-Chelsea ‘keeper told Sky Sports.

“Obviously you can come here and lose 4-0. OK, it can happen on a bad day when you fight but you are unlucky and your opponent is playing well and scores with every shot they have. Then it can happen.

“But not like it happened today. The way it happened today is unacceptable.

“We were not fighting, we were not running enough, we were not winning any individual battles and as a team we completely failed to respond to their way of playing, and that is the most disappointing thing.

“But we have only ourselves to blame.”

Arsenal had precisely zero shots on target during their shambolic loss to Jurgen Klopp’s team on Sunday. It wasn’t just embarrassing, because us Gooners have gotten pretty used to being embarrassed over the years, it was actually just really sad.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I agree with Cech’s words post-match, they don’t comfort me at all. He did all he could and wasn’t the problem. He’s only one man and while the 35-year-old has deserved some of the criticism he’s received so far this season, on Sunday, he was one of Arsenal’s best players, which is saying something considering we conceded four.

The goalkeeper made six saves, including one at point-blank range.

Cech’s words, however, fall on deaf ears since he’s been the voice of reason in the past and nothing has changed.