Ah Granit! The bad boy who isn’t actually bad but a really good midfielder.

Will this be his season? I think it could be.

Last week I asked on Twitter who should be the star of my next wallpaper and Granit Xhaka was one of the most requested – he always is whenever I ask that question.

So, here it is!

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for Xhaka.

It’s not his pretty face and infectious smile – although that’s a lovely bonus as always. He’s from my hood, aka the Balkans. He’s been wrongly labelled as a player with discipline problems. He’s been called waste of money by both Arsenal fans and football journalists.

But, in my humble opinion, he has been a great addition to our midfield and didn’t get any more cards than most other players in his position. And, tbh, I’m still not over those two reds he got last season – none of them were right.

I’m not saying he’s perfect and world class but he sure isn’t a waste of money or a liability.

He bossed the midfield in the Community Shield and got not one but two assists against Leicester in the league opener.

Yes, sure, he was to blame for one of Foxes’ goals, but he himself said he’s aware of it and will work on that more. There’s always room for improvement and he will only get better.

Hope you like the wallpaper!

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5. Facebook cover

6. For 16:10 screens