Manchester City are reportedly lining up a bid of more than £50m for Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez.

According to the Mirror, City aren’t willing to wait for Alexis to run down his current Arsenal deal and want to make a bid for the Chilean before the current window closes.

Alexis is still yet to come to any sort of agreement with Arsenal over a contract extension, and although reports have varied over any exact details, the general consensus is that he wants significantly more than his current deal worth £140,000 a week.

However, rather than talking about anything to do with money, Alexis has so far only spoken publicly about his desire to play in the Champions League.

Combine this with the injury preventing him from playing with the Gunners and it’s fair to say last season’s top scorer hasn’t made things easy for the club.

Manchester City have already spent £220m in the window, so it doesn’t seem likely that they have a spare £50m that complies with FFP guidelines.

Despite only having a year left on his contract, I think Arsenal should still be looking for a high price to sell one of their star players. I also don’t think £50m probably would be enough to replace Alexis, which Arsène Wenger has pointed out as a key factor in any sale in the past.

This would represent a profit on the player though, as Arsenal bought him for £35m from Barcelona back in 2014. You’d hope an extra £15m profit wouldn’t be enough to convince anyone that Alexis is worth selling to a rival, however.