Ian Wright has questioned why Paris Saint-Germain forward Julian Draxler would even want to join Arsenal this summer, amid rumours the German international is a transfer target.

Draxler has been touted as one the players Arsenal could sign to strengthen the squad before tomorrow’s deadline. While he could be available, Ian Wright doesn’t know why the German would even want to join Arsenal at this point.

“The window doesn’t mean anything to Arsenal now because the business should have been done ages ago,” Wright said, reports the Express. “They’ve known how long these contracts are with Sanchez’s running down, The Ox’s contract running down, Ozil’s running down.

“A club of Arsenal’s stature should be in and around the market, starting to find out who they should take. A couple of people are saying we should sign Draxler if the Ox goes. Why would Draxler, in this current climate, want to come to Arsenal?”

Arsenal are having a massive pity party at the moment. Fans are seeing big players potentially leave with no replacements coming in, and are concluding that no half-decent player would want to join the Gunners in their current state.

We’ve been in healthier situations. Results and performances on the pitch have been poor, while behind the scenes it feels like everything is imploding.

In Draxler’s case, he’s at a good club. Although his game time might be significantly cut, he’s part of a very talented squad who could win Ligue 1 and have a deep run in the Champions League.

Trading that for Arsenal, who almost certainly won’t challenge for the Premier League title and aren’t in the Champions League at all, is a big decision, I feel. He wouldn’t be stepping into a positive environment, either.

Arsenal are still an attractive destination for players, but the very best around might think twice about joining at the moment.