Steven Gerrard has again spoken about how he got Luis Suarez to stay at Liverpool instead of joining Arsenal in 2013.

At the time Suarez was unhappy with the fact that he seemed to be carrying Liverpool with his goals, winning just one League Cup and failing to challenge for anything more. So he called on Liverpool to let him leave.

Arsenal were the primary club interested and had been correctly informed that the Uruguayan international had a £40m release clause.

As a result, they bid just over this clause but Liverpool refused to sell anyway. Suarez could have forced the issue, but Gerrard convinced the striker to leave it and stay with Liverpool.

“I just sat him (Suarez) down and said “why ruin all that and go join a club that gives you no guarantees of success?” said Gerrard, reports the Metro.

“I don’t think you’re making such a big jump up. Why don’t you be patient, give Liverpool another season and the fans will understand if you give them another year and then Barcelona come.”

This is the second time Gerrard has talked about how he convinced Suarez not to join Arsenal, after he spoke about the same incident to the media in 2015.

Perhaps he’s proud of the fact he managed to keep the now-Barcelona star at Liverpool for another season with no trophies while Arsenal were picking up the FA Cup.

Overall, Arsenal ended up with Alexis Sanchez, Barcelona ended up with Luis Suarez, and Liverpool ended up with that one season they almost won the league.