Arsenal fans have decided who they want the club to sign next but I think they’re reaching with this one…

Mo Farah has shared a video on his Twitter page of him owning the Dugout Touch Challenge and Arsenal fans have urged Arsene Wenger to sign him up.

Considering Mo’s a massive Gooner, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to step in.

The Dugout Touch Challenge involved the four-time Olympic gold medal winner attempting get on the end of a football launched out of a big cannon-type contraption. The game was to basically test what sort of touch the long distance runner has.

And, surprisingly, the 34-year-old did pretty well. His first touch is better than some of Arsenal’s first team players… although I won’t mention any names.

Mo recently won another gold medal in the London 2017 Championships for the 10k race and silver for the 5k.

In total, he’s won 19 gold medals, nine silver and two bronze, which is a simply staggering achievement.

Mo’s actually indicated that he’d like to work as a fitness coach at Arsenal when he retires from running, so perhaps these Gooners’ dream of having him play for the club could come true some time? Hey. Park Chu-young was a Gunner once. Anything could happen.

Watch the full video of Mo’s Dugout Touch Challenge here.