David Seaman managed to sum up exactly how Gooners felt after Arsenal were deservedly thumped 4-0 by Liverpool on Sunday in just six words.

The Arsenal legend took to Twitter to voice his disappointment after the match, which saw goals from Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Daniel Sturridge lead Liverpool to a comfortable win at Anfield.

Not only did Jurgen Klopp’s side find it embarrassingly easy to score those four against Arsenal, they also had 18 shots to Arsenal’s eight, 10 of which were on target compared to precisely zero from the Gunners.

In the first half, Liverpool could and probably should have been up four or five goals.

It wasn’t just the outcome of the match that was disappointing, however. As Seaman said, there are so many ways in which Gooners are feeling let down following that display at Anfield.

We’re disappointed because pretty much every single Arsenal player who started looked as if he didn’t give a monkey’s about the club.

We’re disappointed because Arsene ‘Catalyst for Change’ Wenger has shown that he’s simply incapable of picking a starting XI that makes sense.

We’re disappointed because we’ve seen that kind of performance again and again for years, yet nothing’s been done and we realise that this is just the way it’s going to be until the club bring in a new manager.

We’re disappointed because Arsenal have turned into a joke and we’re actually having to come to the realisation that no matter how talented individual players might be on paper, we’re no longer a good team. Far from it. And it’s hard to see a way out.