Arsenal have struck up a new partnership with Italian-Dutch company Cavallaro Napoli, who will make the club’s suits for the next couple of seasons.

News of the deal will be welcomed by the fans, firstly for the continued classy way that the club present themselves to the public, but also because the commercial side of Arsenal has seemed to fall behind other clubs in recent years.

The Gunners’ kit deal, although a national record at the time, has since been outdone by most of the other big clubs in the league, and this isn’t the only way that they’ve been taking advantage.

Manchester United and Liverpool have announced shirt sleeve sponsorship deals, and this is just the latest in a long list of commercial deals, especially for United. If Arsenal want to keep up then this is the perfect way to do so, by taking advantage of every opportunity.

On the fashion side of things, the company are clearly a popular choice with the Gunners. A Dutch article on the deal by quotes founder Giuseppe Cavallaro as saying “the players asked for us”, when he was questioned on the reasons behind the deal.

Cavallaro seemed very keen on the deal, telling the press that Arsenal would be their “number one project from today” and revealing that he “especially flew up and down in July” as he tried to conclude the deal.

It’ll be reassuring that companies are still keen to work and do deals with the Gunners, and it will be up to the commercial team to keep pushing the club forward financially and reinvesting so the fans can see the results on the pitch.