Arsène Wenger has told reporters that he’s glad he’s not in Jurgen Klopp’s position, after Liverpool received a transfer request from Philippe Countinho.

Arsenal have a number of players in the last year of their contracts at the club, and one journalist asked if Wenger was glad that none of them had yet handed in a transfer request to leave the club as Coutinho has.

Wenger responded: “Yes, I am very happy about that,” reports the Express. “It’s important you have a serene atmosphere inside and clarity about your commitment. It’s important the players aren’t half in and half out and they are completely in.”

Whether players like Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexis Sanchez want to leave or not, it will be comforting to Gunners fans to hear their players haven’t made an official request for an exit.

Many fans are still hoping the Ox, Alexis and Mesut Ozil will sign new deals at the club. Ozil has hinted that he would be willing to do so. But with the others keeping their cards close to the chest, the next best thing is to make sure they at least stay for the final year.

Meanwhile, despite having his players signed onto longer term contracts, Klopp looks to have the bigger issue in terms of dressing rooms, as Coutinho tries to force the club into a sale they don’t want to make.

Wenger is right that a committed group is often an important factor when it comes to a title challenge. Uncertainty is rarely a good thing and this was all too evident in Arsenal’s last campaign when the manager’s future was undecided – publicly at least – until the season was over.