Arsenal Women have organised a glamour tie against the Women’s Champions League runners-up Paris Saint-Germain this weekend.

Sources close to the French side confirm the game will be played on Sunday, August 27 at 2.30pm CET at the Camp Des Loges. There is no suggestion so far that the game will be played behind closed door, so not advertising it seems certainly strange.

Arsenal have not officially communicated about it so far, despite multiple request from fans about the fixture. This is surprising and disappointing, but there has been a kind of lack of communication and interaction with the fans from the club in recent times, in my opinion.

Of course, news of contract renewals and new signings come through the official channels, but the friendly and lack of information about the 2017/18 season tickets, when we are just a month away from the start of the FA WSL, show that there are improvements that need to be made.

Arsenal will then take on Everton at home at Borehamwood FC on Thursday, August 31, 7.30pm kick-off, and then will play multiple friendlies that have not been announced so far.