West Ham chairman David Sullivan has complained that Arsenal always receive easy FA Cup draws.

It turns out that Sullivan doesn’t quite know how random draws work. The West Ham co-chairman has taken to talkSPORT to talk about his desire to win the FA Cup and his hopes that West Ham get “easy draws” like Arsenal do.

“Leicester was something we all thought could not happen, but they showed it can happen. I’d settle to win a cup…and I’d love to go to Wembley and win a cup,” he said, as reported by the Evening Standard.

“Last year [in the EFL Cup] we beat Chelsea at home then got Man United away in the next round, I mean you are not going to win anything with draws like that. Then we get Man City in the third round of the FA Cup, Arsenal get non-league teams!

“We have been very unlucky with the draws – we get away draws – Arsenal get more home draws than any other team I’ve seen. We are due an easy, easy cup draw.”

The fact of the matter is, to win trophies you will have to play and defeat one of the bigger teams. Take last year’s FA Cup, for example.

Arsenal were fortunate to get draws against Sutton United and Lincoln City. But the Gunners played Manchester City in the semi-finals and beat them and played Chelsea in the final and beat them.

Sullivan can complain about his draws, but he should reflect on some of West Ham’s own failings in the competition. In 2014/15, United were dumped out of the fourth round by West Brom, losing 4-0. The year before they lost 5-0 to Nottingham Forest in the third round.

It’s hypocritical to complain about getting difficult draws, only to lose badly when they get a draw they should be able to win. Draws are random. Arsenal have no control over who they get.

In their three FA Cup wins in the last four seasons, the Londoners have played every type of team. In 2013/14, they played Tottenham, Everton and Liverpool. In 2014/15, they played Manchester United. No matter who they got, Arsenal showed the quality to win.

Having to beat good teams is a part of football. Perhaps Sullivan should work on building a West Ham team that can compete rather than complain they don’t get handed the easy way out every time.