Jose Mourinho has said it is other clubs’ spending that has created an “out of control” transfer market.

The Manchester United manager has done what he does best and has turned an issue to be about anything but him. Speaking to BBC Sport, Mourinho claimed it was rivals’ spending – and not Manchester United’s – that have created a crazy and “out of control market”.

“Every club is investing a lot,” Mourinho said, as reported by the Evening Standard. “I think some clubs obviously are paying too much, and by paying too much they create a very strange and out-of-control market. This is the reality now.”

This seems like a classic case of Mourinho wilfully ignoring his own club’s involvement in this crazy market. Manchester United signed Paul Pogba for an unprecedented £86m last summer. This summer, they signed Romelu Lukaku for £75m.

All in all, Mourinho has spent over £260m on players since arriving at United 12 months ago. As a result, it’s a bit rich for him to claim the state of the market is the fault of other clubs.

His second stint at Chelsea saw him spent £300m in two-and-a-half seasons at Stamford Bridge too. However, it’s clear Mourinho is taking a shot at club rivals Manchester City who have spent over £200m this summer alone.

It is, if anything, a collective responsibility of the entire Premier League and its new-found wealth provided by a bloated TV deal. United are just as culpable as anyone else.