In a recent article, Premier League clubs were ranked by number of season tickets sold, so we decided to take a look at that list.

In the article, the Daily Star looked at the 17 clubs that were present in the Premier League last season, as well as the three newcomers Huddersfield, Newcastle and Brighton.

It remains to be seen whether the promoted sides see an increase in season ticket sales this year, as a result of their new Premier League status, but for now the ranking is as follows:

  1. Manchester United – 55,000
  2. West Ham – 52,000
  3. Arsenal – 45,000
  4. Manchester City – 40,000
  5. Newcastle – 38,000
  6. Everton – 32,000
  7. Tottenham – 28,000
  8. Liverpool/Chelsea – 25,000
  9. Leicester/Brighton – 23,000
  10. Stoke – 21,000
  11. Southampton – 20,000
  12. Crystal Palace – 18,000
  13. Huddersfield/Swansea/West Brom – 15,000
  14. Watford/Burnley – 14,000
  15. Bournemouth – 7,000

With 45,000 season tickets sold last year, Arsenal placed third on the list, which gives the club some security in terms of how much they bring in on a match-day.

At the top of the list is Manchester United, which is unsurprising given they had the largest stadium capacity.

At the other end Bournemouth only sold 7,000 season tickets.

In fact, the Vitality stadium is so small that the closest teams on the list, Watford and Burnley, sell more season tickets than Bournemouth’s total stadium capacity.

Finally, Newcastle’s total of 38,000 is particularly impressive given that they were selling Championship season tickets, and the supporters’ loyalty was repaid when Newcastle clinched the title on the final day.