Arsene Wenger is reportedly worried that Alexis Sanchez faces a ‘burnout’ next season.

Wenger’s is allegedly ‘worried’ that Alexis could end up burning himself out if he continues to play in every single Chile game a while not taking proper breaks.

 “Alexis’ desire to always play for Chile – even when he’s not fully fit – is a real worry for the manager,” said a source recently [via Starsport].

The Daily Star claims that the 28-year-old’s fitness is key to whether he remains at Arsenal. While the 28-year-old has a fantastic injury record in north London, only missing seven games since signing from Barcelona in 2014, given his age and volume of games he’s playing per-year, it’s not a huge leap to consider that his fitness could take a turn for the worse in the not too distant future. Especially considering his ankle’s habit of blowing up like a balloon every five minutes.

alexis swelling
Alexis took a picture of his swollen ankle post-match following Chile’s winning start to this year’s Confederations Cup

If Alexis’s fitness goes downhill, the Star claims, Wenger might consider selling him.

Manchester City have been heavily linked with the forward over the last couple of weeks. However, it’s being widely reported that Wenger won’t entertain any offers from Pep Guardiola’s side as he won’t sell to a rival. Not after the whole Robin van Persie to Manchester United saga.

Unless that offer is over £80m, if you believe some outlets.

If Paris Saint-Germain or Bayern Munich revive their interest however…