Arsene Wenger discussed the possibility of making more signings during his first press conference in Sydney.

  • Arsenal arrived in Sydney last night
  • Wenger addressed the press ahead of the tour
  • He said he is open to making more signings

No matter where he is in the world, Wenger will always be asked about transfers.

Even on the other side of the planet, there is great interest in who Arsenal are buying this summer. But Wenger, as he does, had a well prepared and rehearsed answer.

“I am open to get some more signings, but it is not easy to find the players who can strengthen our squad, because we have top-quality players,” he said on

“There are two ways to improve always: analyse what we did well last season and what we did not so well and improve that, and then you can bring new players in.

“But at the moment, because we are in pre-season, it is very important for us to analyse well what happened last season and where we can improve.

“We have top quality in our squad, and at the moment I focus on that.”

Given Arsenal’s interest in Thomas Lemar, they certainly are open to making more additions to the squad.

At the same time, Wenger is correct in saying that Arsenal must analyse what went wrong last season and try to improve on that this upcoming season.

Pre-season is a chance to work on new things and put them into practice during games. It may give us a clue as to what Arsenal we’ll be seeing next season.