Arsene Wenger has denied making any bid for Kylian Mbappe, never mind a €124m one or whatever other crazy numbers have been touted.

We all got carried away, didn’t we?

We knew that Arsene Wenger liked Mbappe, heck he’d even phoned him up and called to his house.

Ivan promised us change, the summer brought us Lacazette for a club transfer record – why wouldn’t we be bidding one-third of what it cost us to build the Emirates on an 18-year-old? As crazy as the whole thing seemed, because we wanted to believe it so much, it became easy to do so.

But we’re Arsenal, not Manchester United. We don’t spend stupid money on teenagers.

Speaking after Arsenal’s second win in Australia, Wenger was asked if he’d bid. He was quite clear with his answer.

“That’s not true,” Wenger said. “People have a big imagination.

“What we know now is that Mbappe is over £100m and after that it’s free to imagine what you want.

“We have not made any offer.

“I think he will stay, it looks like that. One more season. Maybe he has too much choice. In the end, people don’t move.”