With both Arsenal and Manchester United going big for strikers this summer, we thought we’d have a look at how Lacazette and Lukaku compare.

Squawka compared the two in a number of categories, which will we take you through now.

Value for money

Lacazette cost an initial fee of £46m, compared to the £75m United paid for Lukaku. Over the past three seasons, without penalties, Lacazette is up to 0.64 combined goals and assists per game, whilst Lukaku is on 0.45.

Lukaku is younger, but other than that value for money seems to be clearly in Lacazette’s favour.

Tactical fit

Both players seem to fit their respective teams well.

Lukaku is a similar mould to Ibrahimovic, a good finisher with a lot of physical presence. Lacazette is exactly the kind of clinical, pacy striker Arsenal fans have been calling out for.

So both seem to be a good match.


Over each of the last three years Lacazette converted 34.6%, 23.3% and 39.1% of his chances.

Lukaku converted 13.2%, 20.9% and 29.1%.

So again, Lacazette comes out on top here, with his worst conversion rate still beating two of Lukaku’s seasons, and his second best beating all three.


This is one area where Lukaku is stronger.

Though Lacazette completes more take-ons per 90, and wins the ball back more, the difference is slight and Lukaku does much more in the air, winning almost four aerial duels per 90 to Lacazette’s one.

Big game impact

Lacazette managed six goals in six games against the top five in France.

Lukaku managed four goals in ten against the English big six, with one penalty.

Lukaku hasn’t yet appeared in the Champions League, so it’s hard to compare in European competition, but it seems Lacazette is ahead in big games right now.


Overall both seem like they suit their own sides more than the other, but Lacazette has edged things overall in the last three seasons.

Now it’s all about how they adapt to their new clubs, but only Lacazette has to adjust to a new league in a new country as well…