Arsenal apparently tried to sign Karim Benzema before they moved on to sign Alexandre Lacazette.

  • Arsenal are always trying to sign Benzema
  • Benzema is never leaving Real Madrid

Arsenal have reportedly been trying to sign Karim Benzema since he moved to Real Madrid several years ago.

Not a summer goes by without a story about Arsenal wanting Benzema. While it’s nice to be frequently linked with such a talented player, it’s gotten a bit boring.

The source, of course, is Diario Gol, who have drawn from their well of Benzema stories to claim that the Frenchman is disillusioned at Real Madrid. Again. Or still.

Perhaps the light shining from all their trophies is making him dizzy.

They go on to claim that Arsenal tried to sign Benzema yet again this summer, before they moved on to sign Alexandre Lacazette, a player they actually had a realistic chance of signing.

I dare say Arsenal are quite happy with the French striker they signed, and won’t be too bummed that Benzema will never play for them.

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