Mauricio Pochettino is currently being hailed by the British press for not spending money on big name players while using the same excuses Arsene Wenger got hammered for for 10 years.

  • Poch trying to build young exciting team
  • Spurs reluctant to spend money
  • Wenger said the same and has been ridiculed for years

Pochettino claims that Tottenham are trying to build a strong, exciting squad with young players instead of spending money like the big teams. You know, just like Wenger was trying to do for a decade and got publicly lambasted for.

“I think, after three seasons, the first was really tough for us because when you try to change the philosophy and habits and try to develop a complete opposite way of playing and behaving, it was very tough for us,” the Spurs boss told ESPN.

“The last two seasons, it is true, we improved a lot. It is very clear, our philosophy is about trying to play exciting football with young players and trying to be different to the top sides. I think next season is a big, big challenge for us.

“For one, it’s because we moved to Wembley, a different environment for us, a different pitch and stadium, all will be different for us. It is true that we must change because we were very comfortable playing at White Hart Lane.

“And then, I think because the big sides are investing a lot of money in trying to improve their squads, but for us we are so calm and so quiet because we have belief in our youth from our academy. We may lack a few players, but we are so calm because I think we have a very good team and the most important thing for us always is the team.”

After Arsenal moved to the Emirates in 2006, it was clear the club had to tighten its belt in order to stay afloat. This involved selling their best players, even the ones they had helped develop, and attempting to compete in all competitions with their younger players.

Although this got better the more of the stadium the Gunners managed to pay off, Wenger was consistently mocked for being ‘tight’ and ‘refusing’ to spend money.

The Frenchman gained a reputation for only liking young players who were unheard of, even if it meant he didn’t win anything.

No one took into account that he wasn’t actually able to sign big players who could help Arsenal compete because the club couldn’t afford it.

When Wenger did it, he was tight-fisted. Now that Pochettino is doing the same, he deserves ‘all the praise’.