Eddie Nketiah and Donyell Malen appear to have performed their initiation songs for the rest of the Arsenal squad while away on their pre-season tour in China.

  • Nketiah scored 24 goals (five assists) in 33 appearances last season
  • Malen scored 12 in 35 (seven assists)
  • Neither have made competitive first team appearances
  • Both appear to have been initiated into senior squad while on pre-season

Nketiah and Malen have been away with the Arsenal squad on their pre-season tour and it appears that they’ve just performed their initiation given the videos that have surfaced.

A traditional initiation for new players or young players being promoted to the senior squad is to perform a song for their teammates.

Of course, nine times out of 10 this is horrifically embarrassing for the player and hilarious for just about everyone else watching.

18-year-old forwards, Malen and Nketiah, might not have been performing their initiation. Although why else they would be standing on a chair singing/rapping/dancing while the rest of their teammates cackle and film them is beyond me.

One of the Arsenal lads needs to do us a solid and leak Alexandre Lacazette’s initiation video.