A Tottenham fan decided to take his life into his own hands during Arsenal’s 3-1 pre-season win against Western Sydney Wanderers.

  • Fans attended Arsenal’s win over WSW in Tottenham shirt
  • Spurs fan had abuse hurled at him by Gooners
  • Police had to escort fan away after Gooners gathered

A Spurs fan decided it would be fun to attend Arsenal’s pre-season friendly at the ANZ Stadium while wearing his team’s shirt on Saturday and naturally attracted quite a bit of attention.

Arsenal fans crowded around him to let him know exactly what they thought of his choice of attire while others just filmed him before the police escorted him away, most likely for his own safety.


Did he lose a bet? The shirt looks as if it was hastily thrown on over his normal clothes and what better forfeit to give a Gooner than make them wear their rivals’ kit.

Perhaps he was a WSW fan and decided to show his support for his team by having a pop at Arsenal?

Or perhaps he was just a silly man with a death wish.