In one of the loveliest stories you’ll probably hear for a while, Aaron Ramsey met the fan whose life he wittingly saved three years ago.

  • Ramsey meets fan whose depression he eradicated
  • Midfielder’s extra-time goal against Hull lifted 23-year-old’s depression
  • Arsenal player was touched by the story behind the tattoo and signed the fan’s arm for another tattoo

When the Arsenal squad touched down in Australia at 5am on Tuesday, 23-year-old Sydney resident, Rohit Padmanabhan, got to meet his hero, Aaron Ramsey, whose face he has tattooed on his arm.

Family problems, the death of a grandmother, and his long-term partner leaving him left Rohit in a dark hole in 2014. He was in a pit of severe depression and couldn’t see a way out.

However, when Rambo scored that winner against Hull in the FA Cup final, Rohit’s depression lifted and he could carry on with his life.

“When Aaron Ramsey told me to walk with him and tell him a little bit of the story behind the tattoo I couldn’t believe my luck,” Rohit told the Islington Gazette.

“My emotions were all over the place but luckily I got him to sign his autograph right under my tattoo – and immediately got that as another tattoo as well.

“I told him that he does change lives and that even if he’s vilified by many I think there’s no-one quite as special as him.

“He actually said to me: ‘No-one’s done this before’ and asked me what made me decide to get it.

“He just seemed touched and I was just happy to get my moment with him.”

The young man had the midfielder tattooed on his arm last week to commemorate his hero’s visit to Sydney, and, after meeting the Welshman, speaking with him and getting Ramsey’s signature signed underneath his existing inkwork, he now has that etched on him as well.