With Arsenal’s arrival drawing a lot of the attention to their home city, Sydney FC have taken the opportunity to unveil next season’s kit.

Arsenal themselves unveiled their own new third kit on Wednesday, and Sydney FC announced both of theirs the same day, with noticeable similarities to Arsenal’s 2015/16 kit.

Both made by Puma, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see similarities between the two. After all, Spurs and Chelsea will be wearing almost identical kits next season courtesy of Nike’s designs, with Spurs white home kit and Chelsea’s white away kit only differentiated by the dark blue in Chelsea’s collar and underarm where Spurs have black.

Whilst the colour scheme is different in this case, the design is almost exactly the same as Arsenal’s home kit from last season. The main difference other than colour is the lack of sponsor on Sydney’s kit. They haven’t yet agreed a deal with any main sponsor, but Emirates are reportedly in talks with the club.

Both teams will be wearing their new kits in the match between the two clubs today at 11am UK time (8pm local time).