Monaco striker Kylian Mbappe brilliantly trolled the masses on Twitter after talking up his ‘grande annonce’, showcasing his new football boots rather than making a decision on his future as expected.

The French international’s Twitter account has been closely watched for clues in recent weeks, and reporters and fans will have been hoping they could finally put an end to the ongoing speculation. However, it turned out to be a red herring as Mbappe was playing a trick on everybody, reports the Standard.

He started the video in a solemn fashion, looking sullen and mentioning how important this message is. Mbappe even references his family, before bursting out laughing at the same time he revealed his new Nike football boots. Mbappe is fully aware of the rumours surrounding him and seems determined to have fun in the process.

Real Madrid and Arsenal are believed to be the two frontrunners for the teenagers this summer, but Mbappe may well be staying at the Stade de Louis given his recent foray onto social media.