The signing of Alexandre Lacazette is obviously a landmark one for Arsenal.


Lacazette is a star

The Gunners have been searching for a star at striker since Robin van Persie left for Manchester United. Yes, Giroud starts ahead of him for France. And yes, Alexis bagged a boat load of goals, but he is still more of a converted winger. Lacazette is a true striker, and of the same calibre as all except those that have won Ballon d’Ors.

Lacazette is not just a productive forward; he is a STAR. More than a player, he is a statement.

The signing of Lacazette and the price paid for him announce Arsenal’s return to the big league. Arsenal have just signed a striker that every big club wanted, and for a fee that only big clubs can pay. Gone are the days of bargain bin buys, hoping they turn out to be the diamond in the rough.

With Lacazette spearheading the attack and Özil and (hopefully) Alexis supporting him, the Gunners have a TRULY world class attack. Signing a world class striker fixes the final “hole” in Arsenal’s squad.

Which can only mean one thing…

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