Cohen Bramall has talked about his rise from non-league Hednesford to Arsenal, and his love of playing FIFA.

  • Bramall talked about his “crazy” journey to Arsenal
  • He shared his love for the FIFA video game
  • Said pace is his best asset

There were many eyebrows raised when it was announced that Cohen Bramall would be signing for Arsenal from non-league team Hednesford Town last January.

Nobody was more surprised than Bramall himself. In an interview with Soccer AM, Bramall described the moment he was told he had a trial at Arsenal.

“I got a call saying ‘Arsenal want you in with the first team on Thursday and Friday’ and I was like, ‘what? I don’t believe it’. I thought it was a prank. I put down the phone and he rung me back saying ‘you’ve got an Arsenal trial’.” 

Bramall was a part-time player for Hednesford and had worked at Bentley Motors before being made redundant. He played in a game for the Sheffield Wednesday U23s against Birmingham, before being told he would be training with the Arsenal first team.

Asked how he feels playing for Arsenal, he said:

“My feet are still on the ground. I do pinch myself now and again. I still can’t believe it. It has hit me that I’ve made an appearance, but it will properly hit me when I’ve made an appearance for the first team.”

Bramall went on to discuss his love for the FIFA video games and the possibility of him being in FIFA 18.

“I’d take being the lowest bronze card of Ultimate Team. They’ve got to give me some good pace. Hopefully 90. I’d be happy with that.”