Sutton’s former goalkeeper, Wayne Shaw, has been charged by the FA following that pie-eating incident against Arsenal.

The FA have decided to charge Shaw with intentionally influencing a football betting market and improper conduct, report the BBC.

The 45-year-old resigned as Sutton’s goalkeeper after facing scrutiny as a result of eating a pie on the bench during the non-league club’s FA Cup clash against Arsenal back in February.

While the incident seemed bizarre at first, once it emerged that Shaw was at 8/1 to eat a pie on the bench during the match, it became pretty clear why the goalkeeper had felt the pressure to resign.

The FA obviously decided that his excuse of just having a ‘bit of fun’ didn’t fly, especially seeing as Sun Bet claimed that a five-figure sum had been placed on the bet, and he was made the subject of a Gambling Commission investigation.

Shaw has until 6pm on Friday 21 July to respond.