Sutton United have warned players and staff that they face the same fate as Wayne Shaw if it turns out any of them bet on him munching a pie on TV.

Shaw was reportedly in tears when he was told to resign from the club after it emerged that S*nBets were offering odds on the morbidly obese goalkeeper eating a pie live on TV. Shaw did it for the ‘banter’, saying, “A few of the lads said what is going on with the 8-1 about eating a pie. I thought I’d give them a bit of banter.”

This was not how it was perceived, however, and as the FA and Gambling Commission investigate the matter, Shaw’s former teammates are at risk of losing their places at the club.  According to a report this morning, the whole team have been warned that they face the sack if any of them took advantage of the 8-1 odds being offered. Shaw said that he did not place a bet himself although he admitted “a few mates and fans did”. S*nBets confirmed they paid out a five-figure sum on the bet.

The betting company, a joint venture between the S*n and an Australian gambling firm that was the idea of Rebekah Brooks, are also being investigated and could also face sanctions.

Manager, Paul Doswell, said, “If any of our players, any of our staff have bet they will suffer the same consequence.”

Sutton themselves will not conduct an investigation into the rest of their staff according to the Evening Standard.

According to the Daily Star in their Thursday edition, Shaw is now being targeted by TV producers. They think he could be a hit for a show like Celebrity Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity or similar.

An online petition has been set up to try and get Shaw his job back at Sutton. It has already been signed by 6.6k people [at the time of writing].