Danny Welbeck has talked about Arsenal’s participation in the Europa league next season and how he thinks it will affect the team.

In an interview on ESPN, Danny started by echoing the sentiments of most Arsenal fans by saying that they don’t want to be playing in the Europa League, they wanted to be in the Champions League and that the team was hoping to put that right this season.

Then, when asked about the short turnaround, with the novel possibility of matches on Thursday and Saturday or Sunday, Welbeck admitted that it will be tough:

“It’s a bit similar to the Champions League…but with the games turnaround being Thursday-Sunday it’s gonna be difficult but something that we’ve got to adapt to and make sure we’re ready for it.”

Though he faced a question on whether Arsenal needed to add more players to cope with the Europa League demands, the reality is that the squad is already more than big enough to cope.

In fact the focus through much of the transfer window so far has been on which players are going to leave the club, since there are so many seemingly on the verge. So number of players shouldn’t a problem. The real challenge is whether Arsène can effectively rotate the squad without losing momentum.