Alexandre Lacazette seems to be on the verge of an Arsenal move, so today we’re looking at his goalscoring record compared to previous Arsène Wenger strikers.

The Lyon striker has scored 129 goals in 275 games for the French club where he has spent his entire career so far. Let’s see how this ranks against the top scorers of Arsène’s 21 year Arsenal tenure.

5Thierry Henry – 228 goals

No surprises who is top of the list. Thierry is Arsenal’s record goalscorer, and scored all of his goals with Arsène Wenger as manager. He scored his goals in 258 appearances over two spells for the Gunners. At 26, Lacazette would struggle to catch this total for Arsenal, but Ian Wright joined the club aged 27 and managed 185 goals so it’s not too late to climb the rankings.

4Robin van Persie – 132 goals

Not such a popular figure nowadays, but a prolific scorer in his peak, van Persie is the only other striker under Wenger to score more than Lacazette’s Lyon total. Joining in 2004 and leaving in 2012 for some other club, van Persie’s 132 goals came in 194 appearances for Arsenal.

3Dennis Bergkamp – 104 goals

The second member of this list to have a statue outside the ground, Bergkamp is truly considered to be an Arsenal legend. Whilst he managed 120 goals in total, Dennis joined Arsenal a year before Wenger, and therefore just 104 of these goals were scored under Arsène. He got them in 382 appearances, before retiring at the club.

2Theo Walcott – 104 goals

Sharing the third spot on this list with Bergkamp, Theo has now managed as many goals for Arsène as Dennis did. He’s scored those goals in 377 appearances over 11 years. Theo is the only member of this list who joined as a teenager, so like Lacazette for Lyon, his overall goals-per-game is skewed a bit with the inclusion of his formative years.

1Finally, let’s look at the goals-per-game of each player:

  1. Thierry Henry – 228 goals, 258 appearances, 0.88 per game.
  2. Robin van Persie – 132 goals, 194 appearances, 0.68 per game.
  3. Alexandre Lacazette – 129 goals, 275 appearances, 0.47 per game.
  4. Theo Walcott – 104 goals, 377 appearances, 0.28 per game.
  5. Dennis Bergkamp – 104 goals, 382 appearances, 0.27 per game.

It’s worth noting that over the last three seasons Lacazette’s goals-per-game is up to 0.71, so hopefully he can keep this up if he does join the Gunners this summer!